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World Soil Day

5th December 2018

The day started by launch of 'Soil Rejuvenation Program 2019' as tanker carrying green manure - Jivamrit distributed healthy microbes to a site with degraded soil. 

In the evening, national award winning farmer, Jagadeesh Reddy spoke about how switching from chemical to natural farming changed his life.


Experiments with soil's best friend - earthworms made the gathering realize that compaction, landfills and chemical fertilizers are destroying the soil eco-system. 

Problems of food security, clean water and climate change can all be addressed by healthy soil management and increasing organic carbon therein. 

World Family Day 
23rd JULY 2017
SEVAK OF THE YEAR 2017 - Smt. Sangeeta Miglani, Founder, Desi Cows for Better India

SEVAK or Society for Establishing Vishwa as A Kutumba celebrated World Family Day on the theme of Kindness at RV Teachers College, Jayanagar. Mrs. Shivali Miglani, Trustee presented on "Inherent Kindness of Desi Cows" to over 1000 people present.

The contribution and distinguished work of Smt. Sangeeta Miglani towards Desi Cows, was recognized and she was awarded the SEVAK of the year amidst loud applause and fanfare. 

World Environment Day, 
Seedball Making Activity 
5th JULY 2017

Sishu Griha School opened their gates for this incredible activity of making seedballs using cow dung, urine, red soil and indigenous seeds. 

Program was supported by SUTRA, KSCST and Govt of Karnataka. 

Over 500 students participated making over 6000 seedballs containing seeds of hedge lucerne, pongamia and cow pea. 

Children learnt the importance of cow dung in agriculture while getting hands on experience on making the earth green. 

Bijapur Health Camp
25-26th MARCH 2017

Dr. Vishu Bhai Raval, renowned Oncologist from Gujarat and members of Desi Cows for Better India Trust attended a press conference on Desi Cow based therapy. 

Following 2 days was camp in Nidoni and Bijapur where over 500 patients attended. Special thanks to Mr. Anand, Mr. Kotige and Dr. Suresh Loni. 

National Conference on Climate Change
Jain University
8th MARCH 2017

Shivali Miglani, Trustee, Desi Cows for Better India was the first speaker in the plenary session of the conference. She spoke on Cows & Climate Change. 


The session drew attention on how beef is killing our planet while switch to using desi cow manure can hold key to solve food crisis of booming earth population. 

She was accompanied by renowned speakers on the dias including - Mr. Narayan Reddy, father of organic farming, Mr. Jayaram, founder Greenpath, Mr. Marwan, Hasiru Dala

Sapling Maintenance  
7th JANUARY 2017

Volunteers of SayTrees and Desi Cows For Better India gave water enriched with Jeevamrit to 1300+ saplings, Chalakere, Kalyan Nagar

Jeevamrit, a miraculous microbial mix made with desi cow's dung, urine, jaggery and flour, having trillions of good bacteria that do wonder to our soil and plants. Jeevamrit, developed by Padmashree Subhash Palekar ji is being used by millions of farmers in India and promoted by DCBI Trust.

Like what we do? Contribute your time & resources. 

Bangalore Opts To Adopt, 2nd October 2016

#‎DesiCows‬ & ‪#‎BOTA got together cow donors & organic farmers from Tumkur on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi at Cubbon Park Bangalore. 

5 desi cows were adopted and are being subsequently used for natural farming. We thank all the organisers, donors and farmers for making this wonderful initiative a success.


Check out our Rural-Urban-Go-Connect Program to sign up

Lets make farmers & cows independent
The little girl who knows Desi Cows
Ms. Meenakshi Bharat loves cow dung!
Green Corner, Kitsh Mandi,
24th April 2016


#‎DesiCows‬ & ‪#‎ProjectHEAL‬ draw a lot of love, at the Green corner,‪#‎KitshMandi‬ in partnership with A Green Venture. We showcase 100% natural, lifestyle solutions for home, garden, health and personal care! We love to be part of more events to spread the message of sustainable living through desi cows. 

Event poster - English

Event poster - Kannada

In conversation with farmers

In conversation with farmers

Visitors at the stall

Visitors at the stall

Dr, H. Shivanna, VC of University of Agricultural Sciences and Dr. Devkumar, HoD Organic Farming GKVK College visiting our stall

DCBI Trainer with visiting farmers

DCBI Trainer with visiting farmers

DCBI agriculture expert Chirag Mehta interacting with farmers and explaining the importance of Desi Cows in farming

Volunteers interacting with visitors

Volunteers interacting with visitors

Team on the last day

Team on the last day

Krishi Mela, GKVK
19-22 Nov 2015

Farmer awareness camp on desi cow based natural farming & manufacture of cow based value added products helped thousands of farmers re-discover the magic of desi cows in agriculture. 

The Trust supports natural farmers with desi cows on training, and marketing support for cow based products.

Dons Of Bengaluru - Radio Show - 4th October 2015


Founder Trustee Shivali Miglani was in conversation with RJ Darius Sunawala on his successful radio talk show "Dons Of Bengaluru" about the importance of Desi Cows, the need for their conservation and the work done by the Trust.

Team DCBI with Dr. BN Vishwanath

Team DCBI with Dr. BN Vishwanath

President of Garden City Farmers, Bangalore

Visitors at the stall

Visitors at the stall

Oota From Your Thota - August 30, 2015


Garden City Farmers organised the 14th edition of OFYT at JP Nagar, Bangalore to promote an organic way of living and bring together all terrace gardening enthusiasts. Once again, for Desi Cows For Better India Trust(R), this was a great opportunity to spread awareness about the cause and the relevance of Desi Cows for our Agriculture & Environment. Catch us regularly at all OFYT events!


Founder Trustee lighting the lamp
Launching the book
Shri JSD Pani
Book Launch - Holy Cancer
August 7, 2015


Desi Cows For Better India Trust(R) organised the launch of “Holy Cancer – How a cow saved my life” - a memoir by two-time stage IV cancer survivor Amit Vaidya who fought off metastatic cancer with the help of Panchgavya treatment. Panchgavya is a form of alternative treatment which uses the five nectars of the Desi Cow – Milk, Ghee, Buttermilk, Gobar and GauMutra – to treat ailments.


Held at Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, the book was launched by Smt. Sangeeta Miglani, Founder Trustee of Desi Cows For Better India Trust and Shri. JSD Pani, President of the Federation of AYUSH industry who spoke about the importance of Indian Cows and their role in Ayurveda. 


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World Environment Day, Green Haat, ITPL
Whitefield, Bangalore
June 4 & 5, 2015


The team of Desi Cows For Better India Trust(R) had a great time interacting with hundreds of corporate employees at ITPL as the Tech Park celebrated World Environment Day. Right from highlighting the difference between the Indian and Imported cow to explaining the vision of the Trust, our volunteers loved the opportunity to spread awareness about the cause and the relevance of Desi Cows.

If you would like us to be part of a green event and for promoting farmer sustainability and organic farming, write to us!


Volunteer Meet - May 31, 2015


Desi Cows For Better India Trust organised an on-boarding of new volunteers in a meet held at the Trust office on May 31, 2015. 

Volunteers or coworkers are integral to the cause. We love to inspire and get inspired for #Climate #Environment #HealthyLiving #Sustainability #NativeCattle Conservation

To volunteer with the Trust you can register here. 


KISAN Agricultural Exhibition -
January 31, 2015


Kisan – India’s largest Agri Show took place in Bangalore from 9 – 11 January, 2015 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Tumkur Road. Over a span of 3 days, over 30000 farmers visited the exhibition. The Trust offered a chance to the participants to register for free training programs scheduled to be held by the Trust in the months ahead. The Trust received over 300 such registrations from various farmers.