ZEBU or Bos Indicus Based Agri Inputs

You can now rebuild your soil with the help of locally available materials. Here are the guidelines for the 7 step procedure (to be applied in the same order):


RICE HUSK - Rice hulls are one of the most sustainable soil amendments available for improving drainage, water holding capacity and aeration. 

Add a 1-2" layer on top soil

Approx Price: Rs.10/- per kg



  • Improves Water Holding Capacity of soil

  • Use for Propagation

  • Use for Seed Starting

  • Balances soil pH

Add approx 10 kg per sq meter

Approx Price: Rs.5/- per kg



Just dig anywhere from 2 to 4 inches down and then throw the compost in there, and mix it in with the rest of the soil at planting time. Your flowers, plants, or whatever you have planted there will thrive.

Price: Varies


MULCH - Locally available materials like saw dust, fallen leaves, rice straw or straws incubated with gobar from gaushala are ideal mulching materials. 

Use enough to cover bare soil.

Price: Varies


AGNIHOTRA ASH - Doing homa twice a day at sunrise & sunset - helps purify the atmosphere keeping pests at bay. 4 tbsp of ash is mixed in 5 litres of water. Solution is sprayed on plants for best growth. 

Use daily

Price: Rs.4000/- per kit 


JEEVAMRIT - Jeevamrit is an organic microbial culture prepared as per Padmashree Subhash Palekar ji's method. 200 litres per acre has to be applied after every 21 days. 

Price: Rs.10 - Rs. 25/- per litre depending on order size.  Dry version of Ghanjeevamrit is also available


PANCHGAVYA MANURE - Desi Cow based elixer is fermented over 21 days and the same is applied to fertile soil for adding micronutrients in the soil along with healthy microbes. 

Price: Rs.300/- per litre.

25 litre per acre in 3% dilution.

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