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Knowledge is power.

Native cows that were considered the measure of wealth in ancient India suddenly became a liability for Indian farmers, after the green revolution. Milk that was considered a precious commodity, has come to be priced at par with packaged water, after the white revolution. 

Pendulum is swinging back again. As people realize the toxicity in the 'green' and adulteration in the 'white' - consumers are searching for the pure. The only choice is in embracing the traditional wisdom packaged in modern commerce.


What we truly need now is the #BrownRevolution of rebuilding soil that we have lost in the process of lusting behind the green and the white. On the desi cow's back we are re-building degraded soil, one project at a time. 

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Shivali Miglani, Trustee and Founder, Desi Cows for Better India Trust - holds a degree in Finance from
The London School of Economics but prefers to call herself a Traditional Rural Economist and is authoring a book on
"The Decentralized Self Sustained Village Economics of Ancient India" 


We offer consultancy services for the following, against a retainer fee, to value our time and yours:

  • Detoxifying Degraded Soils & Rebuilding the 5 Elements Soil For Zebu Farming

  • How To Make An Existing Desi Cow Sanctuary Profitable 

  • Marketing of Desi Cow Based Eco-Friendly Products For Home & Garden