5 Elements Soil 

Soil is the earth element - but without microbes its only geology. For geology to become biology, soil & soil microbes need air, water, food/fire and shelter/space to thrive. 

This is what we call as the 5-element soil – it has these features: 

1. Healthy soil teeming with microbes (Earth element)

2. Well hydrated (Water element)

3. Well aerated (Air element) 

4. High in Organic Matter (Fire Element)

5. Covered/Protected from direct Sun (Ether/Space Element)

We create 5 elements soil by adding commonly available by-product materials like rice husk, cocopeat, compost, ghanjeevamrit, jeevamrit, leaves, mulch, cover crops etc.

All is done with minimum or no tillage as recommended by UN FAO. No tractor, tiller, urea, DAP and the 'cides' etc. 

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1 - Recharges aquifers below your earth, as 65% rain water gets stored in soil that acts as a sponge & filters dirt to give you potable water!

2 - Gives you nutrient rich food that ensures good health of your family members. This is the best way to address human health crisis. Good soil makes it simple to grow.

3 - Helps reduce your carbon footprint as it sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. Its the best you can do to reduce green house gases like Carbon Dioxide & Methane

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Reasons why you must make your own 5-Elements Soil